Bensonwood and Unity Homes’ Ongoing Support for Their New Moms

Categories: Champion Moment, Champion Story, Healthy Eating, Healthy Places, Mental Wellbeing, Workplace Wellness

In honor of World Breastfeeding Month, The Healthy Monadnock Champions Program would like to highlight Bensonwood and Unity Homes’ ongoing support for their new moms. Bensonwood and Unity Homes has grown in many ways over the past three years, the most visible is the increased number of female associates! With their changing demographics, Bensonwood and Unity Homes realized the time was right to create a space for their nursing mothers. But not just any space would do! Care was taken to make sure the new space was both calming and private, giving their new moms a chance to fully relax while pumping. Alison Keay, the first associate to use the space, writes, “I am so thankful for the beautiful lactation room. It was a nice welcome back to work that has made the transition easier. It makes me feel that my employer both values me as an employee and values my role as a mother.”