Bike Racks Help Library Expand After-School Program

Categories: Active Living, Healthy Places, Physically Active

Prior to participating in the Rack It Up! program, school-aged visitors to the Jaffrey Public Library would often drop their bicycles on the lawn and driveway in front of the building.  Knowing the high cost of purchasing a new bike rack from her experience at the Stephenson Memorial Library in Greenfield, NH, Library director Julie Perrin recognized the Rack It Up! program as a great opportunity.

“Having worked in a library with no bike racks and understanding how difficult fundraising to purchase them can be, Rack It Up! was a wonderful opportunity for the library and for the community,” says Perrin.

Thanks to the program, the library installed a bike rack in the summer of 2017 that can hold eight bicycles.  The rack was placed in a safe and convenient spot along the side of the driveway.  However, many of the kids visiting the Library did not notice the new rack and continued to drop their bicycles in front of the building.  To address this issue, the library installed a sign that directed the kids to the new bike rack.  The driveway and lawn in front of the library doors have been safe and clear ever since.

According to Julie Perrin, having a safe and secure place to store bicycles allowed the library to expand their Afterschool Fun program, which is timed to allow students to ride their bicycles from the school to the library.  In an effort to encourage more kids to ride bicycles, the library lowered the age requirement (with parental permission) for students visiting the library after school.

Library Director, Julie Perrin, poses with the new bike rack in front of the Jaffrey Public Library. The library received the bike rack for free through the Rack It Up! program with funds from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for the Healthy Monadnock initiative.