Challenge: 52 Hikes in 2017

Categories: Active Living, Healthy Places, Physically Active

by Guest blogger: GetlostTogether

There are many New Years resolutions out there.  From losing weight, improving health, better financial choices, improving relationships etc.  These can be a little overwhelming.  This year I decided instead of a resolution I wanted to challenge myself.

If you follow my Facebook page, Getting Lost Together you may have already seen that I am doing a “52-hikes-in-2017” challenge.  This means I am doing 52 hikes that are at least one mile. I am going to try to take it a step further and do 52 different hikes.

This last year I have worked hard to share my favorite outdoor spots with my followers with the goal of getting more people outside. I have struggled to find new places to hike and this forces me to get out of my comfort zone and explore new trails either alone, with family or with friends.

So far I have completed five out of the 52 hikes. The hikes haven’t been challenging, but they have had me exploring new places in the Monadnock area. The following are the trails I have checked out so far:

Burns Hill Trail: This was a great trail for multi uses, hiking, exercising dogs, snowshoeing and cross country skiing. The trails are relatively flat so good for people just getting out. It looks like at one point there was a story book trail on part of it, but it appeared that it has not been kept out. My daughter was very excited to see a story on the trail.
Casalis State Forest: Another great multi-purpose trail great for hiking, running the dogs, cross country skiing or snowshoeing. Part of the trail goes along a beautiful little stream, providing a relaxing atmosphere.  If you are new to cross country skiing, I would not recommend this trail as it had some steep parts and narrow turns.
Health Tract: OK, there has been a pattern in these trails as this is another multi-purpose trail with chances to see wildlife, some beautiful scenery, explore miles of trails and great for kids and dogs to get some energy out.
Kidder Mountain: Located off the Wapack Trail, a great hike with some beautiful views of the Wapack Range, Massachusetts and on a clear day the ski line of Boston. A few years ago someone put two large white planters close to the top of the trail, provided an interesting conversation piece. Over the last few years, some cutting has taken place and you can now have a decent view of Mt. Monadnock
Tucker Brook Falls: This has been my favorite so far, I mean what is better than a frozen water fall, enough said.

If you would like to join my hiking challenge I have created a Facebook Group, Getting Lost Together 52 Week Hike Challenge.  This group is open to anyone living in New England. So far I have a great group of people sharing their great hikes.  I encourage active participation from all members! At the end of February the group will be closed to new members.

For more outdoor activities ideas please like my Facebook Page, Getting Lost Together.