Champion Moment – Amanda Littleton

Categories: Champion Moment, Community Engagement, Well Nourished

Amanda Littleton

Home: Chesterfield, N.H.

Work: District Manager, Cheshire County Conservation District

Individual Champion since 2012

Amanda Littleton says she and her husband, Jeffry, live in the perfect setting to stay active year-round. The couple’s home in Chesterfield, N.H. is just minutes away from two public forests — New Hampshire’s largest state park, Pisgah State Park and 220-acre Friedsam Town Forest – both perfect for all kinds of activities in any season.

“We feel so lucky to live where we do,” says Amanda. “We not only have the parks, but Spofford Lake is also close by.”

Taking advantage of local forests

Amanda’s favorite activity at the forest parks is to hike with her dog in the morning before heading to Walpole to her job as district manager at the Cheshire County Conservation District office. On the weekends, the couple also like to go cross country skiing through the forest trails (when there is snow on the ground, not ice, she notes).

“I try to stay as healthy as possible year-round,” she says. Once a week during the months of January and February the couple help out with their son’s downhill ski club at Surry Village Charter School; participants in the club range from first to eighth graders. “We are the drivers for the club, and we also enjoy skiing at Granite Gorge with the kids,” she says.

While winter activities are fun, Amanda says that her favorite outdoor sports are in the summer. “We love to swim, kayak and canoe at Spofford Lake,” she says.

A dream to sail

Most recently the couple has purchased a 22-foot “camping” sailboat and are learning how to sail. “Most people think that sailing is passive, but it isn’t. It requires a lot of activity to keep the boat moving,” she says.

The sailboat lessons are part of a long-term dream for the couple. “We have always wanted to learn to sail … in fact, it is our dream that in the future, when we retire, that we will live on a sailboat, maybe in the Caribbean.”

So far Amanda and Jeffry have sailed on Spofford Lake and Narraganset Bay in Maine. “We are total amateurs,” says Amanda with a laugh. “It’s a new adventure for us and we have a lot to learn.”

Eating close to home

Amanda says that her family tries to eat as healthy as possible. During the growing season she is a CSA (community supported agriculture) member at nearby 1780 Farm. “We buy all our veggies there, plus they offer meat, turkey and chicken,” says Amanda.

She also grows vegetables — onions, garlic, greens, tomatoes — in their raised bed garden at home. “Jeff is a much better cook,” she says. “We eat tons of vegetables, but we also eat decadently with cheese sauces, we’re working on that!”

Goals for the New Year

Amanda says that her resolutions for the New Year include exercising at least one-half hour a day. “On days when the weather is not good for walking, I do yoga at home. It helps to stay flexible. But that is the low bar … a lot of times I end up exercising more than a half hour.”

She is also drinking more water each day. “It is the little things that I believe make the difference. As long as I’m taking steps every day to be as healthy as possible I feel like a Champion. The little steps do add up.”

She is also working to become more mindful of her work-life balance. “It is really easy to work too much and not take time to exercise. I’m trying to be more aware of that this year.”