Champion Moment – Becky Brown

Categories: Champion Moment, Community Engagement

Becky Brown, Walpole, NH
Faculty member, Health Science Department, Keene State College
Champion since November 14, 2014

Becky Brown only recently became an official Healthy Monadnock Champion member, but she has been living, sharing, modeling and inspiring others to live healthy lives for many years. “I just never got around to filling out the (Champion) paperwork!” she quips.  But her commitment to the values of Healthy Monadnock run deep.

“I became a Champion because I believe that health is a right for every human being,” she says. “I see that Healthy Monadnock is serious about, and engaged in, the hard work necessary to move toward supporting health in all people.”

One of the essential things Becky does every day as part of her work at Keene State College is to raise awareness of – and commitment to — health equity among the college’s Health Science students. Becky has been instrumental in encouraging students to be engaged in the Keene community and in their home communities to promote health and wellbeing.

Becky is also dedicated to promoting recycling and re-use to reduce the flow of trash to landfills; she is a dedicated volunteer at her hometown recycling center. “I have volunteered at the Walpole Recycling Center every month for 14 years … I’m known as a ‘trash picker’ because I remove recyclables from trashcans whenever I get the opportunity,” she says.

Becky says that Healthy Monadnock Champions are the faces of the movement toward a healthier community. “It’s great to know a friend or neighbor or colleague who is committed to living healthier.  It takes the engagement of lots of community members to make a change happen, and I think the Champions represent that engagement,” she says.

She says she will spread the word of Healthy Monadnock’s Champion program to every Health Science student at Keene State College, which could make an enormous impact: “That would be about 300 young, energetic students to help model and create healthier environments in which to live, work, study, and play.”