Champion Moment – Linda Rubin

Categories: Champion Moment, Community Engagement, Physically Active, Well Nourished

Linda Rubin lives in Keene and became a Champion in May 2010 when she made the pledge to live, share, model and inspire the Healthy Monadnock 2020 initiative and helped create the Champions program with the help of community members. Linda is an employee at Cheshire Medical Center Dartmouth-Hitchcock Keene where she is the Director of the Healthy Community Initiative, Healthy Monadnock 2020.

Linda became a Champion because she wants to see the Monadnock region truly become the healthiest community in the nation by 2020 and believes that the Champions program is an integral part in helping us get there. The Champions program strives to engage all Monadnock region adults in our community’s quest to become the healthiest in the nation by 2020. “Personally, healthy eating and active living have been part of who I am since my childhood growing up on Long Island Sound in Groton, Ct”, Linda shares. “I had an amazing PE teacher that inspired active living in every student and I had parents who only drive us to school when there was the threat of lightning! We always had a garden growing up and my mother and grandmother (who lived with us) worked really hard to put healthy meals on the table for a family of nine every night!”

It is no surprise that Linda is very passionate about our community’s vision to improve the health of everyone in the Monadnock Region. “I am especially inspired by working to change the environments in which our children grow up, making it easier for them to make healthy choices”, says Linda. “While my job has me leading the HM2020 initiative, my personal passion for improving peoples’ lives, supporting children in their growth and development, and being actively engaged in making my community a great place to live, learn, work and play in drives all that I do.”

Linda is an active member on many committees, coalitions and boards in the Monadnock region striving to align and implement programs, projects and policies in support of a healthier Monadnock. “I serve on the board of Stonewall Farm doing my part to insure that children and families have access to a working New England farm for education, recreation and access to local food. I continue to be an advocate in our community for issues relating to substance abuse, especially amongst our children. I also am active on the City of Keene’s Bike and Pedestrian Advisory Committee and Safe Routes to Schools Committees. Both of these committees not only align with the goals and strategies of Healthy Monadnock, but I am personally very passionate about championing active transportation as a way to get folks more physically active. I walk the neighborhoods and trails of Keene probably about 5-10 hours each week and feel very fortunate to live in a community where the built environment is extensive and always growing.”

Linda sees “Champions as HM2020’s “boots on the ground” advocates for change in our community.” “The change can be personal, like individual Champions eating more fruits and veggies or walking more, but the changes can also involve inspiring others to get on board and making changes in our schools, organizations and towns to make the healthy choice, the easy choice, for everyone.” Although there is lots of work to do, Linda feels excited about what’s to come for HM2020 and says that “there is room for everyone to get involved!”