Champion Moment – Lisa Therrien

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Lisa Therrien is from Alstead and became a Champion on September 25th, 2013 when she made the pledge to live, share, model and inspire the Healthy Monadnock 2020 initiative. Lisa is the Alstead Attendance Area School Nurse in the Fall Mountain Regional School District.

Lisa became a Champion because of her lifelong interests in healthy eating and living and has championed both of these in her own life and in her work as the nurse at both Alstead Primary and Vilas Middle Schools.  “This started while in college at the University Of Vermont (UVM) where I obtained a BS in Nutrition. After having my three children and doing all I could do to instill healthy eating and healthy habits into their lives, I went back to school to become a Registered Nurse (RN). Now that I am a nurse in a school district, I see the opportunity to help educate these young children in healthy habits that will carry with them the rest of their lives.” This September, Lisa championed the effort of both of these schools to become HM2020 School Champions and completed the School Champion assessment as a way to engage staff, students and families around making the healthy choice, the easy choice for all.

In her role as a school nurse, wife and mother of three, Lisa has made great strides in helping improve the health of the Monadnock region.  “I have brought in dental professionals to speak to my students on good dental hygiene and currently have a fluoride swish program in the Alstead Primary School with a goal of expanding to the other elementary schools in my attendance area. I am also working with the Athletic Director to get these two schools involved in the Kid’s DeMar Marathon this year! This is very exciting as our students will be required to log miles by walking or running prior to participating on race day in September. Students will be able to start logging miles during school as I am hoping to open up a small time slot a few days a week for all students to walk. Not only will this help toward their 25 mile goal by September for the marathon, but it will also have the added benefit of getting more physical activity for the students besides their regularly scheduled PE class!”  Personally, Lisa has chosen to eat healthy and to exercise not only at home, but at the local YMCA and a hometown Spin Studio. “I encourage all my friends and colleagues to join me in a Spin class, especially if they have never tried one, says Lisa!!!”

After joining as a Champion herself recently and getting her schools on board as a Healthy Monadnock School Champions, Lisa sees great value in the Champions program. “Many people in our community already strive to live healthy lives, relying on personal motivation, information gained through a variety of disjointed sources, and support often coming at the family level”, says Lisa. “I see the Champions Program as a way to bring the community spirit and camaraderie we already feel in so many other ways to our attitudes towards our health. I think that we all respond to this movement – with our coworkers, friends, medical professionals and community leaders – and the resulting whole is much greater than the individual contributions. It is perhaps the only contagion that I, as a school nurse, can look forward to spreading.”