Champion Moment – Marcus McCarroll

Categories: Champion Moment, Community Engagement, Physically Active

Marcus McCarroll lives in Keene and became a Champion in May 2013 when he made the pledge to live, share, model and inspire the Healthy Monadnock 2020 initiative. Marcus works at Keene State College with the Green Bikes program providing students with bikes to use for transportation around campus and in the community.

Marcus lives in Keene and became a Champion because he wants to expand his Green Bikes program. “This program provides students with bikes to use around campus or in Keene”, says Marcus. At first a volunteer and now an employee with Green Bikes, Marcus has dedicated his time to fixing the bikes, restoring them, painting them green, teaching students bike safety and maintenance, and ensuring that they are safe and ready to use for any student on campus.

Although he loves working with the students, Marcus would like to “take this program to the next level by starting a community bike shop where community members can use these bikes all year round for free.” As a bike lovin’ advocate, back in 2004, Marcus decided to bike across the USA from Ithaca, NY to California and got his nursing license along the way! It is apparent that Marcus has a big love for biking and truly has a passion for active transportation in our community. “I would love to see some community engagement around getting a core group together to create this Green Bikes program. There could be depots for bikes all around Keene. It would be great to involve kids, grandparents, and any other interested folks to help our community be more bike friendly”, says Marcus.

Among his love of active transportation, Marcus is living like a Champion in his everyday life. In addition to working on creating a sustainable bike program called, “Green Bikes for Keene”, Marcus has worked over the past year on his own personal wellness. Marcus has lost over 100 lbs and he credits his success with simply moving more and eating better. “I love riding my bike and I feel so much better now that I have lost the weight. I ride to work at KSC, around downtown Keene and also to the Keene Family YMCA.”

Marcus also has a love for good food and has started a booming ¼ acre garden on his property. ”I grow strawberries, basil, tomatoes, peas, beans, broccoli, among other things, and my favorite thing to grow is sprouts. Most people are unsure of how to grow them, but once you do it once, you can enjoy them all summer long! They are great to put on salads, too!” Another future endeavor of his is to start a Gourmet Club where community members can make meals together, sharing good, local food.

As a Champion, Marcus invites all community members, young kids, adults, grandparents, anyone, to join him in creating a more active community in Keene. Interested in learning more about Marcus’s Green Bikes for Keene program? Contact him today at (603) 903-1792 or stop by Keene State College’s Keddy Hall to learn how you can help!