Champion Spotlight: Erik Willis

Categories: Champion Moment

By Hannah Brilling,  Keene State Nutrition Practicum Intern 

In honor of our upcoming Champions Celebration, we thought it would be fitting to feature one of our Healthy Monadnock Champions on the blog! Erik has been an Individual Champion as well as a member of the Champions Advisory Committee since last November. I sat down with Erik to ask him why he originally chose to become a part of Healthy Monadnock and what keeps him coming back to volunteer his time.

Erik first heard of Healthy Monadnock through his employer, the Community Kitchen, but became part of the movement himself shortly thereafter. He felt that being a part of a bigger program would inspire him and give him the “extra push” he needed to work on his own health goals. From both volunteering his time and participating in fitness events around the Monadnock region, Erik has discovered competitive speed walking, found a strong fitness routine, and continues to revise his own goals around health.

One of the aspects of Healthy Monadnock that Erik finds most inviting is that there is no clear description of a “Champion”- every individual can bring something different to the table. For Erik, he feels that both his enthusiasm and positive spirit are valuable assets as he interacts with the community or collaborates with other Champion community members in his role on the Advisory Committee. Erik feels he is able to relate to community members and Champions as someone who is working on their own healthier steps while also being strongly committed to personal and regional wellness initiatives.

Erik continues to feel excited about Healthy Monadnock because he believes in the goals for a healthier Monadnock and feels the spirit and enthusiasm of those who join him in this cause. Erik feels that he can be inspirational to others because he has a real story to tell and he loves hearing the stories and goals of others as well. In fact, you will see Erik at the “Healthy Selfie” booth at the Champion Celebration event this week, helping to motivate Champions to commit to their own “Next Healthiest Steps!” Erik was kind enough to share his own with us, as pictured.