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Champion Stories – Angella Joslyn, Robin Eichert, Surry Village Charter School, and Langdon Place of Keene

“I am a runner and a second grade teacher at Champion School, Winchester School.  In the spring, I run with my students in the mornings and/or afternoons and run 1/2 to 1 miles.  They just started last year running the last mile of the Clarence DeMar in Keene.  All students from the surrounding areas can join in this run.  They run 25 miles at home or school and finish the 1.2 miles it takes to run a marathon.  It is a great experience for all and the kids have fun while doing it!  :)” –Champion, Angella Joslyn

 “My dog Grace and I just took a walk- it was wonderful for the both of us! – Champion, Robin Eichert

“I would say our biggest initiatives have been the Veggie of the Month, which everyone has really enjoyed (during our All-School Gathering one class highlights fun facts and nutrition info about a seasonal veggie or fruit, then serves the whole school a dish they’ve made with it); and the all-school exercise initiatives. We already had some of those in place, but the Kids’ DeMar was a great springboard for parents and kids to think about exercising, and it has had a year-long ripple effect. Talk about a success! I can imagine doing even more with it next year!– 5210 Healthiest School, Surry Village Charter School

“Just to catch up . We have scheduled a swim night at Langdon Place for Westwood and Langdon staff to exercise and today I called Kate McNally from Organizational Champion, Cheshire Coalition for Tobacco Free Communities to schedule a stop smoking date. Several employees are going to kick the habit together!!! Yahoo!” – Organizational Champion, Langdon Place of Keene

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