Champions help kids be active!

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Champion Stories – Jen Putzel, Emerson School, and Jonathan Daniels School

“I am and have been a resident of Cheshire County for my entire life. I decided to settle down and start a family in Westmoreland because it is a beautiful and great place to live and raise kids. I have always tried exercising and eating healthy, but it never came easy for me. I would do great for a couple weeks and then go back to my old habits. After having my second child and being at my heaviest weight of my life, I decided that I wanted to change. My family and I joined the YMCA in November of 2012. I started exercising, taking classes and being more active. I also changed my eating habits, trying to eat smaller portions, more vegetables and less sugar. After a couple months of that, I was presented with a couch to 5K challenge by Jennifer Begley through CMC/DH-Keene’s wellness programs. I thought to myself “I ran cross country in high school, I was never good, but I did it and it felt good. Maybe become a runner again in my adult life.” I started out by setting small goals. Literally the first goal was to run 1 mile . . . which I did and then it progressed from there. I ran my first 5K (as an adult) on my 29th birthday, April 6, 2013 at the CMC/DH-K Sports Medicine 5k. I then ran over 10 other local events throughout the summer of 2013. I kept up with my fitness over the winter, doing a workout DVD program called Focus T-25. My real inspiration to take it to the next level was my sister-in-law, who has been a runner for many years now. She had done a few sprint Triathlons. I remember watching her and saying to myself, “I could never do that.” So in the spring of 2014 I set a goal/challenge to train for the Give Peace a tri sprint triathlon. I did not set any time expectation; I just wanted to finish it. So I borrowed a road bike, got in the pool and lakes a few times, and continued to run. I did the triathlon (and finished) in July this year and had so much fun! After that, I set my next goal of running a 10K, which I did in August. I am trying not to fall off the wagon this fall and winter. My next goal for 2015 is to run a 1/2 marathon and do the triathlon again. I just wanted to share my story because I think it is extremely important to not let life get in the way of being healthy and happy. I do it for my kids, my husband, my family and myself. I want to live a long time to enjoy every special moment.” – Champion, Jen Putzel

“At Emerson School, we’ve changed recess to before lunch and next week we are going to do our first ever Walk To School Day!  The staff wants to try “Healthy Theme Days”: (ie:  Media Monday-exercise DVD’s for staff after school, Take it to the Gym Tuesdays – adult PE after school, Walking Wednesdays, Thirsty Thursdays with making our own smoothies before school in the morning, and Fresh Salad Fridays).  And….we’re organizing to get a Student Wellness Team going sometime this month, too!  I’m seriously blown away!”

“And then, there was the Kid’s DeMar!  It was a terrific day, and our kids enjoyed being a part of it (They are wearing their shirts to our assembly tomorrow!!)” – Champion, Lynne Rumba, Champion School Dr. George S. Emerson

“Looking forward to Monday when Jonathan Daniels starts year two as School Champions! We are really excited to report that we just completed 5 Walk to School Wednesdays in October!” – Champion, Marcia Zurick-Thompson, Champion School Jonathan Daniels