Champion Stories – Margo Ott, Tamara Richardson, Lynn McGreer, John Dunton, Erik Willis and Linda LoProto

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“I am excited to share that 100% of our staff are on the wellness committee this year! AND we already scheduled our monthly wellness meetings for the year! Also, we scheduled two movement events (contra dancing and NHDI) to celebrate academic effort and success! We have achieved culture change!” – Champion, Margo Ott, Champion School Gilsum Elementary

“We are starting “Fruity Friday’s”, which started last Friday and goes for four Fridays into September. Alyson’s Orchard is delivering fruit to all of our branches for our staff to enjoy and pick up and eat on Friday afternoon instead of reaching for those candy bars, chips, etc.! Last Friday we received Paula Red apples (yummm) and tomorrow it’s peaches! Next week it’s another fruit that’s in season and the final Friday will be more apples! – The staff loved the ideas and apples last Friday!” – Champion, Tamara Richardson, Organizational Champion, Savings Bank of Walpole

“I just want to thank CMC/DHK and all those working together to have Cheshire County become the healthiest community. I found out about your smoking cessation program, prayed for the willingness, and when I felt it, promptly called Kate McNally. We had a very informative first meeting where I learned even more about what I had been doing to my body. Kate provided me with the tools and support to quit. I have successfully been a non-smoker since February with the help of Kate and this program. I consider myself a Champion in that regard! Thank you!” – Champion, Lynn McGreer

You Can Do It!
“When I started working for The Community Kitchen, I was out of shape and overweight. Because of my excess weight and arthritis, I had terrible problems with my left knee – so bad, that I had problems getting into my truck at the end of the evening. I thought working at the Kitchen would be enough to lose the pounds, but that didn’t work out. I had read an article in the Shopper News about a young father who wanted to lose weight to be healthy for his family. He had joined the Keene Ideal Weight Loss Clinic and lost the weight that he wanted. I was concerned that I would have to be covered by insurance so didn’t contact them right away.”

“Then one evening I was sitting in MacDonald’s and I decided to go and check out the Weight Loss clinic. I found out there is an initial cost and a weekly cost, but decided to go ahead and do it. I had to go to a seminar that explained how the diet plan works (and it did for me). I joined in October and started losing weight immediately. One of the main parts of the diet is cutting out sugar and using the Protein packets that are sold through the diet plan.”

“I have fought weight problems most of my life, but found that this plan worked for me with no points to count, using their protein shakes, and follow a few simple rules; there’s still plenty of things to eat. On one of the sheets they gave me it said “don’t cheat” – once you clear two days off carbs, the weight starts coming off, but if you cheat, it sets you back two days each time.”

“Between October 2012 and March 2013 I lost 120+ lbs.”

“Unfortunately, due to the cost, I could no longer afford to purchase their protein packages. I admit I back slid for a couple of months and felt sorry for myself, but I knew what I had to do and didn’t get too far out of control. I am back on track using what I had learned. I feel so much better since losing the weight and am back to dancing, walking and NOT limping at the end of the day. I walk every day and plan to re-join the YMCA, am enjoying again what I once took for granted.”

“This plan worked for me as you don’t have to work out, and I couldn’t at the beginning, but my blood pressure has come down. I believe I’ve avoided becoming a diabetic and I’m getting around so much better.
I’ve always said one’s body acclimates itself to what you do and if you don’t do much, which I wasn’t, then before you know it, you can be so far gone you think there’s no way back. But take one step after another. I’m not there yet, but I’m smiling and feeling good!” – Champion, John Dunton

Weight Loss Success
“Hello. My name is Erik Willis and I am the Hot Meals Coordinator at The Community Kitchen. I became an Individual champion a few years back and then registered the Community Kitchen as an Organizational champion little over a year ago.”

“After a few health issues and watching my weight get to nearly 300 pounds, I decided it was time for a change and a permanent one. I immediately went back to Weight Watchers, which is the only weight loss program I have ever had any success with. That is because it is a lifestyle change rather than a diet. If I am being honest with myself I would say that I know exactly how to lose weight and be fit and so nearly hitting the 300 pound mark was all the more despicable to me.”

“Since rejoining Weight Watchers, I have lost 50 pounds in 22 weeks. I am by no means perfect. I have also gained weight over the course of the 22 weeks, but the important thing is that my goal weight of 175 pounds is not a number that I am laboring to get to, but rather the weight I will achieve as I continue my new and permanent lifestyle. I now workout at the gym 3 days a week, without fail, and barring any major setback or sickness. All of the major muscle groups are worked over the course of the week as well as 30 minutes of cardio afterwards. In addition I walk no less than two hours a day split up between the morning, early afternoon and evening. I have two walking partners that I have acquired because of my recent weight loss success and their desire to do the same. If I can give any further guidance concerning weight loss I would say the following.”

“As far as eating goes, I feel that one must quantify it in some way or another whether it be calories or points such as Weight Watchers employs. Also, portion control is a key. I limit eating out and when I do eat out I make sure I take some home with me or simply just get a salad. As far as drinking goes, my theory is that it is nearly impossible to drink too much water. I limit consumption of juice, soda and alcohol because they are high in points according to the Weight Watchers algorithm for points. This algorithm is based on the ratio of grams of fat, carbs, fiber and protein in any given serving of food.”

“Lastly, as far as exercise goes, I feel that it is essential to quantify as well and so I have a Weight Watchers pedometer which keeps track of how many steps I do a day including at work and then translates them into points for me which I can then use to consume more food or save for another day or just simply not use them at all. Lastly I feel that it is essential to get a good night’s rest every night. I am still working on being at home every night by 10 pm and completely wound down no later than 10:30 pm. All of these changes in lifestyle are without a doubt helping me to live a much healthier lifestyle and to be what I would consider a true Healthy Monadnock 2020 Champion!” –Champion, Erik Willis

Eat well. Be well. Enjoy life – My contribution to a Healthy Monadnock
“I am an RN at Cheshire Medical Center. And as a nurse, I have seen how nutrition & lifestyle can impact a person’s health. I wanted to increase the public’s awareness of how health can be improved by making better choices with nutrition & lifestyle. I enrolled in a program that enabled me to become certified as a Holistic Health Coach. I work with individuals and groups to help them discover the food & lifestyle choices that best supports them. I also offer presentations on many nutritional topics to local groups & businesses. This is my contribution to a Healthy Monadnock.” – Champion, Linda LoProto