Champion Stories – Tarah Jacksics and Clarke Distributors

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“Last November 2013, I walked into my new doctor’s office for a normal office visit. With zero forethought, I ended up walking out with a prescription for Chantix – a prescription that changed my life! After 3+ months I am still smoke free. I can’t lie and say I haven’t slipped up, but that makes me a human, not a smoker. Some days I forget I ever smoked at all and other days are still a struggle. Now when I have a craving, I hit the gym or do some cardio, and in that moment I remember why I NEVER want to be a smoker again. I love running with my dog, but it was obviously a challenge while smoking. Now I don’t struggle at all! I might not run fast, but I can run for long periods without stopping to catch my breath – that’s one of the best feelings I have EVER felt!”

“If I can give up the habit – anyone can. I truly believe this. I loved to smoke!! I was a pack a day smoker for at least 15 years of my life. Today I feel 100% better. I can be on a plane, train, bus or in an all-day meeting without my cravings controlling me and making me ornery. I am also saving over $1,800.00 a year NOT being a smoker, never mind the overall health advantages! Thank you for letting me share my success story with you!” – Champion, Tarah Jacksics, Organizational Champion, Clarke Distributors