Champion Story – Savings Bank of Walpole, Elaine Pierce and Barbara Clift

Categories: Champion Moment, Physically Active, Workplace Wellness

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Meet this month’s featured Champions, Savings Bank of Walpole, Elaine Pierce & Barbara Clift and hear how they are taking their next healthiest step in helping our community become the healthiest in the nation!

“We are again doing our Annual Walking Challenge here at Savings Bank of Walpole. We already have some winners at the half way point and am entering walkers names into a drawing for a gift certificate along with a 3 month membership to the Keene Family YMCA for all walkers who were up to date with entering their miles. In many of my email exchanges with employees participating with this program and other wellness related emails, I am promoting your website as a resource for healthy living. We’re still encouraging our staff to get healthy, stay healthy and have fun the process! We have 6 teams of between 6 and 7 walkers and we are walking across America virtually again. Below is an email that I sent out to employees and thought I would share this with you and other Organizational Champions who might be encouraging health and wellness at their workplace!” – Champion, Tamara Richardson, Organizational Champion, Savings Bank of Walpole

Good Afternoon Everyone!
How is everyone doing with the walking challenge? Have you been walking? Running? Please don’t forget to update your miles walked on the Intranet, so everyone can see where their team stands. There are a number of you who have not entered your steps/miles for the past week, so please get those updated. With that said, after noon time on Monday, I will take all the names of those who have entered their steps through today, Friday May 31st and draw a name from them to win a one month membership to the Keene Family YMCA! Get those steps entered!

And, I have received two postcards from participants on the Sole Sisters team! Please check them out on the Intranet to see how happy they look after a nice hike/run with their friends and family. Way to go Sole Sisters team! Including these two, for those who submit photos to me between now and noon on Monday, I’ll give away a $25 American Express gift card to one lucky winner! Keep those postcards coming in!

Walking Info:
Now you can create, find and track Walking Paths anytime, anywhere with the American Heart Association Walking Paths App for iPhone and Android. Use the apps and other free tools to get you started and keep you motivated. Visit today! Also, check out the Healthy Monadnock 2020 website at for some great recipes, exercising information and tips to get started to a healthier tomorrow! We are an organizational champion, so let’s show everyone how we are helping to make Cheshire County the healthiest in the nation!

And finally, I’m happy to announce what we’re all walking/running towards at the end of the 6 weeks: for all participants, a dress down day!! This will allow everyone to show off their sneakers worn for the challenge! AND…..for the team who walks the farthest…..they will each get a paid ½ day off from work!! So, get out there and get walking!!!

“As someone who struggles with her weight, I have been trying not only to better my life, but my childrens’ lives. I had a child back in November who was born with Transposition of the Great Arteries. Since then, I have been more active in making healthier choices for my family, including making all my baby food from scratch and making my own natural baby wipes. I enjoy living a healthier life!” – Champion & volunteer, Barbara Clift

“Thanks for a great day yesterday (Healthiest Community Summit III)! I like the way I got the chance to meet new people and catch up with some old friends. Keep up the good work!” Champion, Elaine Pierce