Champions Moment – Cory Mollomo

Categories: Champion Moment, Physically Active, Well Nourished

Cory Mollomo lives in Spofford and become a Champion in April 2011 when he made the pledge to live, share, model and inspire the Healthy Monadnock 2020 initiative. Cory works for CGM Construction, his construction business, is a part time lifeguard at the Keene Family YMCA, and a Safety Officer at UPS in Brattleboro, VT. Cory just graduated from Keene State College in the spring with a Bachelor of Science in Safety and Occupational Health Applied Sciences.

Cory became a Champion because “it’s a great cause and it just makes sense”, says Cory. “When I was asked to join to help my community become the healthiest in the nation, there was no hesitation. Why not? Of course I want to live in the healthiest community in the nation! Living a healthy lifestyle is very much a part of who I am and how I live my life and I want that for the community that I live in.”

As a longtime athlete, Cory continues to make an effort to be active everyday and feels “that it is important to take time out of your day, every day, to commit to yourself. I have always loved being active, whether it is whitewater kayaking, hiking mountains, or lifting weights. I especially love being active outdoors where I can enjoy nature and take advantage of the beautiful region we live in. I involve my friends in many of my outdoor adventures which just makes it much more fun!”, says Cory.

Cory, as a Champion has really lived the message of Healthy Monadnock 2020 in his own life. After joining the Champions program over two years ago, Cory has made significant improvements to his home moving to more “sustainable living”, as Cory calls it. He has created and cultivated three home gardens at his house in Spofford, growing a wide range of fruits and veggies from lettuce to cantaloupe, a variety of herbs such as basil, rosemary, and cilantro, and fruit trees and bushes. “I truly believe that there is nothing better than growing your own food and knowing where it came from. It’s great to go out into your garden after work and pick everything you need for a salad without needing to go to the grocery store”, says Cory.

However, Cory didn’t stop there. He decided that he wanted to raise his own chickens and eat farm fresh eggs as well. Thus, he built a chicken coop, bought baby chickens and has raised them into grown hens that now produce eggs almost on a daily basis. “I can now enjoy farm fresh eggs from my own backyard and know that they are fed natural and organic feed. I also let them roam free in my yard allowing them to exercise, just like I do.” Cory has also started composting which allows his garden soil to be much more rich and he feels that his fruits and veggies seem to get better every year.

Cory sees the Champions program not only making Cheshire County the healthiest community in the nation by 2020, but also becoming even more united together as a community. He feels that the “connections and bonds that have been made through this program have been extremely inspiring and are helping everyone in our community work together as one to make this initiative happen.”

“I believe it’s up to the youth of Keene to make a difference”, he says. “This is a great community of which young children are a big part.” Cory feels that “we all can make this community healthier and if we engage our youth, we can break unhealthy habits of the past and improve the quality of life for the future for everyone.”