Congratulations to our Award Winners!

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You are all inspiring! The Healthy Monadnock Champions team awarded several outstanding leaders of the healthy living movement at the 7th Annual Champions Celebration, held at the Mabel Brown Room at Keene State College.

The individual, school and organizational winners were selected based on accomplishments in the areas of promoting healthy living for themselves, their organization and/or the community at large. A new award, the Heart Health Award, was introduced and shared with attendees. In addition, the Keene Elm City Rotary recognized schools for participation in the Clarence DeMar kids marathon along with the winners of the coloring contest!

And the winners are …


LeeAnn Clark

LeeAnn works at Monadnock Community Hospital (MCH) where she is part of philanthropy and community relations. LeeAnn started and continues to co-facilitate the Be The Change Behavioral Health Task Force which is a multisector group that has planned multiple community events to increase education and reduce stigma around behavioral health issues including addiction. LeeAnn is also part of the Executive Committee and Full Council for the Council for a Healthier Community which is the Public Health Advisory Council for the Greater Monadnock region. LeeAnn is also a critical champion that helped MCH become an organizational champion



Bensonwood  not only raises the bar for innovative, efficient, and beautiful houses the raise the bar for employee wellness, too. Some of their achievements include an onsite garden for their employees, bike racks installed along with an incentive program for employees to bike to work, sports teams, healthy meeting policy to include health food at meetings, and they are in the process of creating a lactation room to support breast feeding.


Hinsdale Schools

With passionate staff, and support from both Principal Boggio of the elementary school and Principal Freitag of the middle/high school, Hinsdale Schools make the healthy choice the easy choice. They have been putting students’ health and wellness at the top of their priority list for many years, especially when they revised their wellness policy to set the tone for a culture of health throughout both schools. These schools are improving their ability to offer physical activity opportunities by participating in Safe Routes to School, offering before and after school physical activity programs, and working to incorporate activity zones into recess to encourage more active play for the elementary school. They encourage their students to try new foods by offering local fruits and vegetables and providing nutrition education to all of their students, k-12. Their staff helps strengthen the message by modeling healthy behaviors and by being open to change. Their consistent message that the health and well being of their students is a priority has been instrumental in Hinsdale creating a culture of health.


Swamp Bats

The Keene Swamp Bats made summer home games for the over 15,000 fans, players, volunteers and staff not only fun but healthy.  All home games now feature designated healthy choices at concessions, including salads, veggie burgers and grilled chicken sandwiches.   Plus everyone has the opportunity to move more through the addition of a third inning dance and stretch break where fans are encouraged to either dance with those leading the break on the field or just get up and stretch.  All of this, while enjoying a stadium that prohibits smoking, vaping and smoke-less tobacco.


Monadnock Food Co-op

The Monadnock Food Co-op is making significant changes to benefit the health of their staff, visitors and our environment.  This year they have installed bike racks and distributed walking maps to promote physical activity, introduced a healthy meetings policy, to include healthy food and beverage options.  The Co-op also created and actively enforces a smoke-free campus.

In an effort to become more environmentally friendly, the Co-op has taken on the challenge of recycling in a town that doesn’t accept a wide range of recyclables. The goal was to minimize waste and to ensure these recyclable items weren’t sitting in a landfill rather than being properly recycled.   In addition to improving and increasing their recycling program, they began composting, beginning with staff and then expanding to customers, to further decrease their waste. The Co-op has created a “Green Team” to help communicate with staff, customers and to problem solve barriers that pop up in their sustainability work with composting and recycling.


Monadnock Mountain Patrol Rangers

Monadnock Mountain Patrol Rangers for their life saving responses to cardiac emergencies on the trails of Mount Monadnock and their dedication to cardiovascular health


AFHY, with financial support from C&S Wholesale grocers, awarded two organizations promoting health and wellness for children.


NHDI works to nurture the physical, social and cultural development of children through dance, music and performance. Their residency program engages students during their school day for a given time frame and gives the students the opportunity to learn about choreographed movement. At the end of the program, the students are able to perform for their friends and families. NHDI is an organizational champion and works with many of our school champions. Last year, the residency program visited 18 schools in the Monadnock Region. This year, they will be in over 20 schools. The NHDI residency program has grown dramatically over the past 10 years and has impacted thousands of students in that time.

Keene Housing Kids Collaborative

The Kids Collaborative provides low or no cost enrichment opportunities for kids living in Keene Housing Properties. They are able to do this by partnering with organizations that serve youth in our community. The Kids Collaborative understands that early exposure to a variety of activities allows kids to find something that they enjoy and that they will therefore want to continue doing to stay active. Because of their efforts they are able to introduce the kids to active play, recreation, skill building and creative movement. Since June of 2015, 196 kids have participated in community activities through the Kids Collaborative. 104, have participated in activities related to athletics, including YMCA classes, rec sports leagues, horseback riding, ice skating and bowling. More than 100 kids have also participated in dance classes and performances at MoCo Arts. New this summer, 14 kids participated in Kids Connect! on the farm, sponsored by the Monadnock Conservancy. This program involved going to Tracie’s Community Farm in Fitzwilliam, learning about how food grows, about harvesting and preparing meals.


The following schoolchildren were awarded for the Clarence DeMar Marathon coloring contest:

Noeh Yelle – Pre-K

Serenity Russell and Olivia Rodgers – grade 1

Kailyn LaRoche and Mary Sanborn – grade 2

Mariella Antaya and Cailey Tobin – grade 3

Maggie Shepherd and Hailey Peters – grade 4

Liana Eklund and Annalese Patrick – grade 5

Ellie Fedrizzi and Jeremy Lenox – grade 6

The event also recognized the 2016 DeMar Kids Marathon school champions: Fuller Elementary, Highbridge Hill School, Marlborough School. Nelson Elementary and Symonds Elementary.

To date, Healthy Monadnock has garnered the support of more than 3,300 Champions in the community, plus 165 Organizational Champions and 23 School Champions.

Congratulations to all the winners! You are helping Healthy Monadnock reach its goal to be the healthiest community in the nation by 2020! Keep up the good work!