Ditch the Candy Dish & Add Fruit Instead

Categories: Community Engagement, Well Nourished, Workplace Wellness

Do you have a candy dish on your desk? Do your coworkers?

What may seem like a nice gesture can actually hurt employees’ waistlines and organizations’ bottom-lines.

Consider these facts. A study at Cornell looked at how much candy people typically eat from a candy dish in a workday. The study found that people ate:

  • More candy when it was:
    • Nearby
    • In a clear dish (visible)
  • Less candy when it was:
    • Further away
    • In an opaque dish (less visible)

Having unhealthy temptations like candy bowls readily available in the office can cause frustration to employees who may be trying to eat healthier or lose weight. In fact, when candy was in a clear dish on employees’ own desks, they ate 7.7 pieces of candy per day, on average. Over the course of the year, that can cause a 12 ½ pound weight gain!

That’s why organizations in the Monadnock Region are implementing policies that discourage candy bowls and encourage fruit bowls instead. Knowing that employees are more likely to eat food that is visible and nearby, it only makes sense for organizations to provide fruit in clear dishes throughout the workplace.

Healthy Monadnock is here to help your organization make this transition, as we have done for other organizations. We have sample policies, clear fruit bowls available, and other assistance to make this easy and fun for organizations. Contact us today for help: healthymonadnock@cheshire-med.com