Congratulations on meeting the criteria to earn a Healthy Designation Badge! Whether your school has earned one or all four Healthy Designation Badges, displaying the ones you’ve earned is the perfect way to showcase the supports your school is offering students. Add  the badges your school has earned to your schools’s website, social media page, marketing materials, bulletin boards or display them around the school! Click on the badges below for downloadable files.



Did you school earn the Tobacco Free Healthy Designation Badge? This designation signifies that a school supports a tobacco free environment and protects both students and staff from the harmful effects of secondhand smoke.




Did your school earn the Physically Active Healthy Designation Badge? This designation signifies that a school creates spaces and practices which make it easier for  students to be more active during their day.




Did your school earn the Well Nourished Healthy Designation Badge? This designation signifies that an school provides opportunities for healthy eating, by offering resources and nutritious options.




Did your school earn the Building Resilience Healthy Designation Badge? This designation signifies that a school is committed to creating an environment which supports mental wellbeing, stress reduction and recovery.