Healthy Designations

Is your organization enrolled in the Wellpowered Worksites program and working towards earning Healthy Designation Badges? If so, you are part of an innovative group of local employers who are making employees’ health and wellbeing a priority. Earn and display your badges with pride, knowing your organization is helping to create a thriving Monadnock region. Keep an eye out around town to see who else is earning these special designations.

Healthy Designation Badges

The Healthy Designation Badges recognize the accomplishments of local organizations and their worksite wellness efforts. Earning a designation signifies an employer is offering their employees additional supports in that area of wellness. The criteria for earning a designation badge is based on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Worksite Health ScoreCard, and  represents achievements in one of five areas of wellness: tobacco-free and family friendly environments, physical activity, healthy eating, and building resilience (mental health and recovery).


Designated Healthy Worksite

Earning the Healthy Worksite designation signifies that an organization is aligning their efforts with the Healthy Monadnock initiative by earning all five Healthy Designation Badges. This designation represents a high performance worksite wellness program designed to make employee health and wellbeing a top priority. As with the Health Designation Badges, this designation is based on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Worksite Health ScoreCard.