Healthy Eating

How can Healthy Monadnock help me eat healthier?


In many cases, our environment dictates the foods we eat. Healthy Monadnock partners are working on strategies to strengthen our locally produced food system, to improve the foods served to our children at schools and to improve the choices available in our places of work.


Do you want healthier food options at work?

Contact the Center for Population Health Wellness Advisors for strategies to make healthier eating the easy choice for you and those around you.

Do you want healthier food in schools?

Contact the Center for Population Health  School Wellness  Advisor for strategies to support healthy celebrations and options for students and teachers. See “But its just a cupcake!

Do you order food for an institution, restaurant, school or hospital?

Contact Monadnock Menus for fresh, local food from farms and producers in our community. The Monadnock Menus program helps our regional farm community eliminate the expense of storing, processing and getting their products to market. This saves the buyer money and means you get a fresher product. Monadnock Menus Success Story.

Do you need some help eating healthier?

Check out the Champions Toolbox.