Healthy Shout Out! Tim Pipp of Beeze Tees Screen Printing

Categories: Building Resilience, Champion Moment, Community Engagement

Thanks for playing along, Tim.  Enjoy your bacon in moderation!

Name: Tim Pipp

Job: Owner of Beeze Tees Screen Printing

What song do you sing in the shower? – Hmm… Depends on my mood but what ever it is it is way out of tune.

Everything in moderation…. What was your last guilty pleasure? – Always – Bacon.

Best things to eat for breakfast? – I hope this is the last time I use this answer – Bacon.

Imagine it’s a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Where are you and what are you up to? Bacon? No either working or enjoying the day with my puppy!

Feelings  on keeping the holidays healthy? – Hmm… (we think Tim was trying not to say bacon again… May we suggest locally sourced bacon from one of our fabulous area farms?)

What Healthy Monadnock project are you most excited about? – I love that we are getting kids involved. I know there are a lot of things going on as far as kids but the Elm City Rotary club has done a great job with the Clarence DeMar kids program.

Why should your friends reading this “like” the HM page? – It is up to us to improve our lives to make this region the healthiest in the country. Healthy Monadnock is our guide to do so.

What’s your next healthiest step? – I would like to pick up running again and be more consistent with exercise.

Who is inspiring you? Nominate them for a Healthy Shout Out and we will contact them!