Healthy Shout Out! With Noel Aderer of Peep Willow Farm

Categories: Champion Moment, Physically Active, Well Nourished

Read on to hear how an equine-minded mover and shaker makes the best of her days – and doesn’t let her leftovers go to waste. 

Name:  Noel Aderer

 Job:  owner Peep Willow Farm B&B and sporthorse breeding farm  (On Facebook at Peep Willow Farm) and developer of Monadnock Pastures: (same location as Peep Willow Farm) A green 17 acre planned residential agriculture and sport-horse breeding condominium community.

​​What song do you sing in the shower? Don’t sing, do yoga and plan my day.

 Everything in moderation…. What was your last guilty pleasure? Buying a lovely 3 y.o. thoroughbred horse right off the internet just before winter.

 Best things to eat for breakfast? Leftovers from dinner

 Imagine it’s a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Where are you and what are you up to? In the big field at the top of Hill St. in Marlborough with a friend on our horses doing interval training to condition them for an up-coming competition.

 Feelings on New Year’s Resolutions? Not to be bothered with.

 What Healthy Monadnock project are you most excited about?  Ready availability of healthy local food.

 Why should your friends reading this “like” the HM Facebook page – and or sign up to be a Champion? To get a peek at the other side of the mountain–off the couch, bed, chair, out the door, feet on the earth, head in the clouds–to see and be part of all the wonders that are our earth and want to become involved in saving it.

 What’s your next healthiest step? Have Monadnock Pastures, a healthy community, within a healthy community, come to fruition.