Healthy Shout Out: Tiffany Mathews

Categories: Well Nourished

KSC’s Coordinator of Wellness Education

This “National Nutrition Month” Healthy Shout Out is for Tiffany Mathews. This busy role-model and mother not only  supports our local food system (check out her recommendation for a delicious locally sourced brownie sundae!)  she supports breastfeeding – one of the most nutritious meals for any growing baby. #NNM

Name: Tiffany Mathews

Job: Coordinator of Wellness Education at Keene State College, Advisor of KSC Champions #kscchampions  (nice page, Tiffany!)

What song do you sing in the shower? “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine”

Everything in moderation…. What was your last guilty pleasure? Homemade Brownie sundae made with Burdick’s (Walpole, NH chocolatier) chocolate chips and cocoa powder, Walpole Creamery sweet cream ice cream, loaded with raspberries and bananas, topped off with freshly whipped McNamara heavy cream. Yum! (Tiffany tipped me off to the King Arthur Flour Fudge Brownie recipe – which she advises we all make, then wrap and freeze individual portions so we won’t eat them all at once – excellent advice!)

Best things to eat for breakfast? Avocado spread on toast (VT bread company wheat English muffins) with hardboiled egg (Walpole Valley Farms) and a slice of tomato

Imagine it’s a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Where are you and what are you up to? Definitely outside, Tele skiing or snowboarding at Magic Mountain (when there’s snow…) or ice skating with my family in a community outdoor rink in Walpole

Feelings on New Year’s Resolutions? I’d rather create many small, obtainable goals throughout the year. I check in on myself often to figure out what I need to work on, especially on weekends when my time and outdoor activities aren’t as limited.

What Healthy Monadnock project are you most excited about? I enjoy reading the HM posts on Facebook because it reminds me how great our community is and how fortunate I am to live and work here.

Why should your friends reading this “like” the HM Facebook page – and or sign up to be a Champion? It’s nice to have a positive boost in your FB newsfeed. I enjoy hearing about the healthy initiatives that are happening in this community and getting to know like-minded people. (Thanks, Tiffany!)

What’s your next healthiest step? Eat more vegetables, go on more dates with my husband, and to be more physically active during the week- aside from walking to and from meetings at work, keeping up with my kiddos, and nursing my baby 😉

Would you like to nominate someone for a healthy shout out? Do it here!