Healthy Vending

Healthy vending programs are a rising trend for organizations, allowing employees an alternative to traditional (unhealthy) vending. Healthy snacks might be the company perk your employees have been waiting for. Below you will find everything your organization needs to successfully implement a healthy vending program. If you are interested, please reach out to your Wellness Advisor for assistance.

Healthy Vending Program:

Healthy Vending Policy Template

Healthy Vending Inventory Options/Guidelines

Email to Vendor Checking Current Inventory

Questions to Ask While Interviewing a Potential Healthy Vendor

Tips to Successfully Implement a Healthy Vending Program

Additional Resources:

What are the Financial Implications of Healthy Vending

Healthy Vending Tool Kit from King County

Don’t have vending at your organization? Look into these healthy food options for your employees instead!

Healthy Snack Basket Program:

Healthy Snack Basket Start-up Check List

Healthy Snack Basket Policy Template

Healthy Meetings and Celebrations Hacks