2019 Wellpowered Offerings

Worksite culture sets the tone for its employees- and having a supportive work environment where managers reinforce a sound wellness strategy can keep employees motivated and engaged. These offerings are designed to drive and reinforce healthy behaviors, bringing benefits to employers, their employees and our community.

Addiction 101 Training

Addiction 101 is an hour long overview of addiction. This training will use nicotine addiction as an example to explain brain chemistry, psychological dependence and habits that control addictive behaviors.

While non-addicted individuals in the community may believe people who use substances like tobacco and other drugs have “bad habits” and should will themselves to stop, there are facets to addiction that make quitting difficult. In this session, participants will learn the basics of what it means to be addicted, and will look at elements of prevention, intervention, treatment and recovery that make healthier lifestyles possible for all.

This session is appropriate for managers, employees and family members who are interested in finding solutions to address the burden of addiction in our worksites and community.

2019 Right This Weigh Challenge

Right This Weigh is a simple and fun 12 week online wellness program (with mobile app and Fitbit integration) that is perfect for everyone! No special foods, meal plans or fancy exercise routines: just easy to remember, everyday habits that produce long-term results.

Every time participants record an activity (daily steps, produce servings, sleep, healthy breakfast, etc.) they proceed along an online trail of their choosing. As participants move forward they view vivid images and descriptions of each location- keeping them motivated while creating healthy habits!
Throughout Right This Weigh your Wellness Advisors will:

  • Reinforce healthy habits with fun, friendly competitions and accountability through team-based head to head weekly challenges with other Worksite Wellness Champions.
  • Provide participants with the tools for success: daily tips, informative articles and 200+ delicious, healthy recipes.
  • Engage participants with weekly raffles and emails, team participation challenges/prizes and individual challenges/prizes throughout the 12 weeks.

On-site CSA

Finding the time to shop for fresh produce can be a real challenge. Harder still- finding a recipe your family will actually enjoy! Thankfully, the farmers at New Dawn Farm have got you covered. Starting in 2019, New Dawn Farm will be offering Worksite Wellness Champions two services; an onsite farmers’ market and/or an onsite CSA share drop-off.
All vegetable shares/farmer’s markets include the following:
Mindfully grown, nutrient dense varieties of beautiful veggies.
Nutritious weekly recipes to help you use your produce.

Advance Care Planning – It’s about the Conversation

What if a sudden illness or injury left you unable to speak for yourself? Who would you want to speak for you? Imagine you found yourself in a position where you needed to speak on behalf of a loved one? Would you know what to say?

Give your family and yourself peace of mind by having an Advance
Care Planning (ACP) conversation. ACP is a process that helps any adult at any stage of health: consider the questions above, talk about your choices with your doctor and loved ones; and make or update a written plan for the future (an advance healthcare directive).

A Certified ACP Facilitator can come to your worksite for a group conversation and any follow-up one-on-one conversations your employees need for individualized help with ACP. All materials, including advance healthcare directives, are provided.

Wake-up Monadnock: Mock Teen Bedroom Training

Learn how to recognize the signs of substance misuse with an interactive mock teen bedroom training. This activity will take approximately 1.5 hours, giving employees the opportunity to walk through an interactive teen bedroom- with over 50 items related to substance misuse. After employees tour the bedroom there will be a presentation explaining ways parents can prevent substance misuse and where they can turn for support if their child is engaging in risky behaviors.

NARCAN Training

Naloxone (NARCAN) nasal spray is used to counteract the life-threatening effects of an opioid overdose. Since most accidental overdoses occur in a home setting, it is important to learn the proper steps to administering NARCAN. This 30 minute training will allow participants hands-on demonstrations, in-depth discussion and a free NARCAN kit. The training will cover:

  • The signs and symptoms of an overdose
  • The importance of calling 911
  • How to properly administer NARCAN
  • Tips to reducing stigma around addiction
  • Overview of NH state law supporting this program
  • How to connect to recovery services

Change Direction- Know The Five Signs

Nearly one in every five people (42.5 million Americans), have a diagnosable mental health condition. Our friends, neighbors, co-workers and family members may be suffering emotionally, and not recognize the symptoms or ask for help. Know the five signs so you can help. This interactive training shares concepts and practices to help create a culture of caring within an organization. Participants will learn how to identify the five signs that someone may be suffering, tips on how to approach that person and concrete steps to take to offer help.

Materials will be provided for reference and to share with colleagues.
Know The Five Signs is appropriate for all levels of employees and will be offered quarterly.