Kids, Media, Smoking, and Santa

Categories: Community Engagement, Tobacco Free

Recently, two children, ages three and four, who have never been exposed to smoking were pretending to smoke a pipe. Their mother, a Healthy Monadnock Champion, a non-smoker, and someone-who-almost-didn’t-go-on-a-second-date-with-her-now-non-smoking-husband-because-she-saw-him-smoking-a-cigarette-at-a-party, asked them where they learned about pipes. Ok, that mother was me. Your author. And I’m talking about my kids. 

“Where did you learn about smoking pipes?” I asked.

“Santa smokes a pipe!” They replied, puffing on their candy canes as if they were pipes.

The season’s ubiquitous cultural icon just taught my kids to smoke a pipe. It turns out that this controversy first reared its head in 2012 but I probably wasn’t paying much attention in my new motherhood stupor. The impact media can have on kids didn’t seem important because I would never let my kids watch TV. {Ahem.} Well, now I’ve seen it first hand and this probably comes from a book and not even the television. Naturally, I turned to Kate McNally, Director of the Cheshire Coalition for Tobacco Free Communities.   She came up with a really fun advertising campaign that is appearing in the Monadnock Shopper News and on WKNE 103.7.  This campaign allows me to have a great conversation with my kids about the health risks of smoking.

Listen to the ads below… And if you or someone you care about wants to make it a Tobacco Free New Year, be sure to attend one of the free programs on December 30th happening at noon and 6PM.  Call 354-6513 to register and for more information about discounted patches, gums and lozenges!

Dear Santa…

This one didn’t make the airwaves, but is still fun to hear!

Mrs. Claus…