New Bike Racks for Hinsdale and Troy

Categories: Physically Active

If you are cycling around Hinsdale and Troy this summer, there are now plenty of bicycle racks to safely park your bike and get a bite to eat, have a cup of coffee, or take a breather.

Rack it Up!, a program created by Healthy Monadnock partner, Southwest Region Planning Commission (SWRPC), and implemented by Monadnock Alliance for Sustainable Transportation (MAST) has installed 89 new bicycle racks in Hinsdale and Troy. These racks can accommodate a total of 178 bicycles.

These new bike racks join the 130 bike racks that have been installed by Rack it Up! In Keene and Swanzey since 2014 when Rack it Up! was formed. With initial funding by the NH Charitable Foundation, the continuation of the program has been funded by the CDC’s Partnerships to Improve Community Health initiative which is being administered locally through Healthy Monadnock. The initiative is working to make healthy living easier and more affordable where people live, learn, work, and play.

In Hinsdale, bike racks are located at the Elementary School, Millstream Riverfront Park, and the Library.  In Troy, bike racks were placed at the Community Center, Library and the town common. Both towns also placed bicycle racks by the rail trails that run through their respective town boundaries.

According to Mari Brunner, a planner for SWRPC and a member of MAST, the mission of the Rack it Up! program is to increase both the number and visibility of bike racks in Cheshire County in order to promote bicycling as a commuting alternative.

“We hope this program will benefit communities by promoting healthy lifestyles, reducing traffic congestion and related emissions, and providing more convenient transportation options for customers and employees of local businesses and organizations,” says Brunner.

Let us know if you have used Rack it Up! bike racks in any of the towns (Keene, Swanzey, Hinsdale or Troy) by commenting below!

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