Hillside Village Keene

All Organizational Champions Learn about Worksite Wellness

“Hillside Village is a locally grown, not for profit, life plan community that offers the opportunity to thrive in mind, body and spirit, both on the campus and it in the larger Keene community. As needed, the community will provide assisted living, memory and nursing care for life.

Hillside Village Keene joined the Organizational Champions team in 2016. They supports employee health and well being in a variety of ways. Staff benefit from flexible work scheduling to accommodate the care of family members, a space to prepare and store food in the office, and supports to manage stress, such as tossing around soft cotton snowballs in the office.  In addition, Hillside Village Keene pledges to encourage and support all employees taking a walk break three times a week to further demonstrate their commitment to employee wellness.

Badges Earned: