Bensonwood Unity Homes

All Organizational Champions Learn about Worksite Wellness

“Today, while Bensonwood is still known for its exceedingly artful timber frame homes, it is also, arguably, the most innovative homebuilder of hybrid and non-timbered, panelized homes as well. Through its fabrication of highly insulated and finished panelized assemblies, and its proprietary Open-Built® strategies that make the home flexible and adaptable to the owners’ needs over time, Bensonwood has become acknowledged as the premier designer/builder of energy efficient, high performance homes across the US and Canada. Among these are a LEED Platinum, Net-Zero residence in Maine that creates as much energy as it consumes, and a Passive House in Vermont that requires no furnace. And to make these building advances accessible to more people, Bensonwood created Unity Homes, a series of Open-Built sustainable prefab houses that offer a myriad of design possibilities while greatly reducing the design and engineering costs normally associated with such high quality construction.

Bensonwood has more than 75 people working toward one common goal: to create better homes and commercial structures for a more rewarding living experience and a sustainable future.”

Bensonwood became an Organizational Champion in March of 2016, and offer numerous health benefits at their organization. Staff benefit form a healthy, smoke free work environment, paid time to volunteer in the community, an onsite plot for employees to garden, and a bike to work incentive program, promoting health and supporting the environment!

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