Bragdon and Kossayda, P.C.

All Organizational Champions Learn about Worksite Wellness

“Attorneys at Bragdon & Kossayda, P.C. have more than 60 years of combined experience and are known for being your strongest advocates inside and outside the courtroom. Clients appreciate the professional, trustworthy and responsive legal service they find when they come to our law practice. These are strong advocates with compassion to understand you.”

Bragdon and Kossayda became an Organizational Champion in April of 2015, and has made numerous healthy changes to their organization over the years. Bragdon and Kossayda employees enjoy the convenience or a food preparation area, flexible work schedules to accommodate physical activity, and are all provided a living wage. In addition, Bragdon and Kossayda pledges to promote healthy food initiatives, such as fresh fruit Fridays.

Badges Earned: