Cheshire County

All Organizational Champions Learn about Worksite Wellness

“Cheshire County is value and service driven. Cheshire County will be known as an innovative and progressive leader providing cost effective county services that are required by statute. Others will benchmark against Cheshire County as an example of the best in local government as we partner to meet the unique or unmet needs of county residents. The citizens and Board of Commissioners will be proud of the staff and have a firm belief in the reliability, truth and strength of the organization.”

Cheshire County became and Organizational Champion in 2014. They supports employee health and wellbeing in a variety of ways. Staff benefit from an exercise facility on-site at all three of their locations. To support healthy eating, the County has a written policy that makes healthy food and beverage choices available during employer sponsored events and meetings. To demonstrate their commitment to supporting families, the County provides paid maternity separate from other accrued leave. In addition, they have pledged to increase the number of Cheshire County employees who are CPR certified, and add easily accessible AED’s to all Cheshire County site locations.

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