Keene Housing

All Organizational Champions Learn about Worksite Wellness

Keene Housing  provides and advocates for affordable housing & supportive services that strengthen & empower low & moderate-income households in the Monadnock region.

Keene Housing joined the Healthy Monadnock Organizational Champions Program in 2013. They’re a role model, demonstrating how employers can make supporting their employees’ health and wellbeing a priority. Staff members benefit from a wellness committee, fifteen minute paid wellness breaks, physical activity room, and initiatives like: healthy potluck lunches, a walking club, and lunch time yoga classes. This year, Keene Housing focused on family friendly polices by implementing a paid paternity benefit for employees. In addition, they are working to implement an infants-at-work policy. Way to go Keene Housing, we can see why you were awarded Healthy Monadnock Champion of the Year 2015!

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