Maps Counseling Services

All Organizational Champions Learn about Worksite Wellness

“Founded in 1973, Maps Counseling Services is committed to ensuring that quality counseling and psychotherapy services are available to everyone in the Monadnock Region, regardless of income or financial resources. Our therapists practice the professional integration of psychotherapy and spirituality, with the goal of helping each client find meaningful solutions to life’s problems.”

Maps Counseling Services joined Healthy Monadnock in 2017, and supports employee wellness in a variety of ways. To support healthy eating, employees have access to food preparation and storage areas as well as free filtered water. Employees benefit from a flexible work schedule to accommodate physical activity and family needs. To help build resiliency, Maps Counseling Services offers free mental health services to employees. In addition, to further support families Maps Counseling Services has pledged to adjust staff meeting times, as necessary, to accommodate schedule needs for staff members with children.

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