Southwestern Community Services:

All Organizational Champions Learn about Worksite Wellness

“SCS strives to empower low income people and families. With dignity and respect, SCS will provide direct assistance, reduce stressors, and advocate for such persons and families as they lift themselves toward self-sufficiency. In partnership and in close collaboration with local communities, SCS will provide leadership and support to develop resources, programs, and services to further aid this population.”

Southwestern Community Services became an Organizational Champion in May of 2013, and has made numerous healthy changes to their organization over the years including the creation of a Booster Club. SCS also provides their employees discounted memberships at an exercise facility of their choice, the convenience of a food preparation area, and has created a family friendly policy. Additionally, SCS has pledged to create a community bulletin board, promoting physical activity and nutrition. Also, they have implemented Fresh Fruit Fridays for their staff to enjoy every week.


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