The Healthy Monadnock Story

What does it take to become the healthiest community in the nation? For our community, it began with a challenge.

In the spring of 2007 Cheshire Medical Center issued a challenge to the residents of the Monadnock Region:

“Let’s become the healthiest community in the nation!”

It was, admittedly, a bold idea.  But one that was eagerly embraced by citizens, community and business leaders alike.

Through the leadership of representatives from both the public and private sector — including schools, employers, human service agencies, service clubs and healthcare organizations — and with the guidance of the Council for a Healthier Community (CHC), a local health improvement coalition that has been in existence since 1994, the foundation was set for helping build the healthiest community in the nation. (See the Timeline)


When we live in a community where healthy choices are readily available, it is easier to make good choices about the foods we eat and how we spend our leisure time.

And when our neighbors and friends are making healthy choices by shopping at farmers’ markets, walking their kids to school, riding their bikes to work, quitting smoking and losing weight, we can’t help but become inspired!

And when we all become inspired to make healthy choices our community is physically and psychologically healthier and more resilient to some of the unhealthy influences in our broader society.

Healthy Monadnock has been inspiring people to make healthier choices since its inception in 2007. We have helped support community efforts in workplaces, clubs, schools, nonprofit and local government groups to improve access to nutritious foods and safe physical activity.


We applaud our Healthy Monadnock Champions who are working tirelessly and enthusiastically helping our friends and neighbors eat better, move more, get enough sleep, regularly visit their doctors, manage stress, get recommended health screenings, quit smoking and consume alcohol in moderation.

Our Champions are moving our community closer to becoming the healthiest in the nation though city committees making it safer for our kids to walk or bike to school, to a local food coalition increasing access to fresh food to various socio-economic groups, to a community initiative helping worksites promote healthy lifestyle behaviors.