Timeline of Healthy Monadnock


The Council for Healthier Communities (CHC) agreed to oversee Healthy Monadnock. (formerly called Vision 2020)


Health and well-being indicators selected and targets set by CHC.


Action planning kicked off at Healthy Community Summit I. Champion recruitment begins.


First set of action strategies selected and shared. Indicators updated at Healthy Community Summit II. Organizations and schools sign up as Champions. New Healthiest Community Advisory board created to oversee Healthy Monadnock initiative


Partners align to implement 21 action strategies.


Second round of action planning to address mental well-being. Indicators updated at Healthy Community Summit III.


Awareness of Healthy Monadnock grows from 45% to 54%; Monadnock Living Wage Work Group forms; Summit IV: Living Wages


Council for a Healthier Community completes the Monadnock Community Health Improvement Plan that includes Healthy Monadnock goals and strategies. Implementation of action strategies by Partners scale up with CDC grant; Worksite and School wellness initiatives of CMC/DHK expand with Campaign for Community Wellness funding


Scaling of CDC funded strategies beyond Keene increases access to tobacco free environments and, healthy eating and active living opportunities; Monadnock Living Wage Campaign launches at 4th Annual Healthy Community Summit focused on Social Connection and Substance Misuse.