Press Kit

Need help with communications? We’ve got you covered! This members only Press Kit is designed specifically to help you spread information about your Worksite Wellness Program on numerous platforms. From social media posts to email templates and everything in between. Don’t see what you’re looking for? No problem! Your Wellness Advisor can create a customized resource that perfectly fits your organization’s unique communication needs.

Formal Voice:

Leadership Announcement- Your organization needs to hear and see leadership actively role modeling, advocating and rewarding participation in your Worksite Wellness Program. By communicating leadership’s commitment to the program, employees will be more apt to participate in your programs, and encourage others to do the same.

Intranet Posts- Post a series of intranet messages promoting your Worksite Wellness Program, and your role in our community as an Organizational Champion.This is also a great way to “roll-out” your Healthy Designation Badges. (needs work)

Press Release- Send out a press release announcing your organization’s participation in the Organizational Champion initiative. Share which Healthy Designation Badges you have earned, and how your organization earned them. This will help highlight your organization as a preferred employer throughout our community.

Website- Use your organization’s website to co-brand and display your badges. This is the perfect way to highlight your organization’s commitment to employee wellness and employee retention.

Casual Voice:

Social Media – Recruit talented employees through social media by highlighting your organization’s unique culture and the company perks offered through their Worksite Wellness Program. (needs work) 

Newsletter- Publish an article in your organization’s digital or print newsletter highlighting the “ins and outs” of your wellness program. This is also a great place announce upcoming promotions, challenges and trainings.

Staff Email Series- Send a series of emails highlighting you wellness program. Maybe start a “Wellness Wednesday” weekly email, with tips and tricks to reinforce wellness topics your staff wants to focus on.

Staff Advocates- Prepare staff with messaging so they can serve as advocates and spokespersons to external constituencies who wish to know more about your program.

Additional Resources:

Healthy Monadnock Champions Logo and Banners– Co-brand and display your Organizational Champions banner in a visible location so employees, customers and other key audiences can see your organization’s support of employee wellness and the Healthy Monadnock initiative.

Healthy Designation Badges– Earning a Healthy Designation Badge is quite an accomplishment! Make sure employee, customers and other key audiences know which badges your organization has earned and why.

Posters, Window-clings, and Table Tents