Right This Way

Right This Way is a simple and fun 10 week online wellness program (with mobile app and Fitbit integration) that is perfect for everyone! No special foods, meal plans or fancy exercise routines; just easy to remember, everyday habits that produce long-term results.

Every time participants record an activity (daily steps, produce servings, sleep, healthy breakfast, etc.) they proceed along an online trail. As participants move forward they view vivid images and descriptions of each location- keeping them motivated while creating healthy habits!

Throughout Right This Way your Wellness Advisors will:

  • Reinforce healthy habits with fun, friendly competitions and accountability through team-based head to head weekly challenges with other Wellpowered Worksites.
  • Provide participants with the tools for success: daily tips, informative articles and 200+ delicious, healthy recipes.
  • Engage participants with weekly raffles and emails, team participation challenges/prizes and individual challenges/prizes throughout the 10 weeks.

Promotional Materials:

Right This Way promo poster

Right This Way promo poster- with dates

Right This Way overview poster