Below are a variety of posters and signs to help communicate your wellness efforts to your employees, customers and community members. Please contact your Worksite Wellness Advisor to receive any of the resources listed below (all offered at no-cost).


Earning a Healthy Designation Badge is quite an accomplishment! Make sure employees, customers and other key audiences know which badges your organization has earned and why. Posters come in both 11 by 17 and 8.5 by 11 and are printed on thick, high quality paper.


Healthy Designation Badge window clings are 5 inches in diameter and are able to “cling” on both the front and back, allowing you to displaying your Healthy Designation Badges on both indoor and outdoor windows.

Table Tents

Is a banner not the right fit for your organization? Try displaying your Healthy Designation Badges on a table tent. They are the prefect size for a waiting room coffee table or reception desk!

Tobacco Free Signs

Is your organization a smoke-free or tobacco free location? Make sure your employees, customers and key audience members are aware of this by placing signage in central locations around your organization’s campus.

“Take the Stairs” Elevator Signs

Do you have elevators at your organization? “Take the Stairs” signs are a fun way to remind your employees, customers and key audience members to opt out of using the elevators! Your employees will be “taking steps” towards a healthier lifestyle and you’ll have a lower electricity bill; win-win!