Social Media

Is your organization on social media? Are you using your social media platform to promote your Worksite Wellness Program? If not,  you may be missing out. Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are the perfect platforms to share information throughout your organization, resulting in higher employee engagement and participation in your wellness programs. More and more local organizations are also recruiting talented employees through social media by highlighting their organization’s unique culture and the company perks offered through their Worksite Wellness Program. This allows potential new employees a sneak peak into the day to day life of your organization and can help communicate your company’s mission and values to our community. Below you will find customizable posts, text and digital badges specifically designed to let your current and future employees know more about your organization’s Worksite Wellness Program.

What To Post:

Unsure about what you should be posting about? Here are some quick tips to make your posts more effective.

Organizational Champion Cover Photos & Posts:

Share information about your organization’s worksite wellness program (the “who”, “what”, “why”). Sharing the “why” i.e. why the Organizational Champions initiative is important to your organization, helps employees and the community see how much you value your staff, and will also help to recruit future employees!


Want to add text to a post, but you’re not sure what to say? Use these customizable templates to help get you started!

Healthy Designation Badges Posts:

Did your organization receive new Healthy Designation Badges? What supports earned you this designations? Share this information so your employees realizes all the supports your organization is offering them. This will also help to highlight your organization as a preferred employer throughout our community.

Worksite Wellness Offerings Posts:

Is your organization offering a new class or in-service? Sharing this information with your employees will get them excited, and signed-up! It will also help to inspire other Organizational Champions to follow suit and offer similar supports at their worksite (isn’t it nice being a trend-setter!).