Physically Active Resources

We all know moving more is key to a healthy lifestyle, the problem is how to move more. These monthly tips are designed specifically to help create a “movement habit” during your work day. Each month features a different tip to keep you motivated and engaged!

January’s Physically Active Resources – Making Your Resolution Stick

February’s Physically Active Resources – Desk Stretches To Do At The Office

March’s Physically Active Resources – 6 Ways To Walk Off Calories

April’s Physically Active Resources – Bunny Yoga

May’s Physically Active Resources – Combating Office Syndrome

June’s Physically Active Resources – Become A Chair Warrior

July’s Physically Active Resources  – Calling All Walkers

August’s Physically Active Resources – Creating A “Movement Habit”

September’s Physically Active Resource – Hiking The Monadnock Region

October’s Physically Active Resource – Get Up Offa That Chair- Desk Stretches

November’s Physically Active Resource – Office Yoga

December’s Physically Active Resource – How To Keep Fit This Winter