Physically Active Resources

This easy to use tool is a great way to engage your employees in simple stretches aimed to improve their health and wellness. According to the Mayo Clinic, stretching helps to increase flexibility, and joint range of motion, improves circulation (helping to increase energy!), can lead to better posture, helps to decrease stress, and enhances coordination. All these health benefits packed into one quick daily stretch break, and you don’t even have to leave the office.


January’s Physically Active Resources – Neck Stretch

February’s Physically Active Resources – Back Stretch

March’s Physically Active Resources – Plank Challenge

April’s Physically Active Resources – Cat And Cow Chair Stretch

May’s Physically Active Resources – Combating Office Syndrome

June’s Physically Active Resources – Become A Chair Warrior

July’s Physically Active Resources  – Calling All Walkers

August’s Physically Active Resources – Creating A “Movement Habit”

September’s Physically Active Resource – Hiking The Monadnock Region

October’s Physically Active Resource – Get Up Offa That Chair- Desk Stretches

November’s Physically Active Resource – Office Yoga

December’s Physically Active Resource – How To Keep Fit This Winter