Summer Challenge Week Six

Categories: Community Engagement

Week Six: August 11th – Camp outside with a (safe!) campfire. Make s’mores and then watch the Perseid meteor showers!

August gives us some warm nights; why not spend one outside under the stars with your family! Set up a tent and some sleeping bags outside, build a fire and tell old campfire stories while you roast marshmallows. This weekend, in particular, will show you more than just the moon and stars, this weekend is the yearly Perseid meteor showers!

With promises to be more spectacular than usual this year, it is a perfect time to show your kids what nature can do. NASA states the best way to view the showers is to simply lie on your back and look up and to make sure to give your eyes enough time to adjust to the darkness before the meteor shower starts. The best time to view will be between midnight and dawn and the best night will be Thursday, August 11th, although you should be able to see some in the surrounding nights as well. Enjoy the sights and keep these memories for a lifetime!

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