Summer Challenge Week Three

Categories: Community Engagement


Week Three: July 21st – Teach your kids a game that you played as a child or find a new family favorite that gets you outdoors and moving!

Think back to the days where you were outside until dark and playing with your siblings or neighborhood friends, what games were you playing? Bring back those old school games and teach your kids or play with some friends! It’s amazing the memories that will come back and the fun you can have with little to no equipment, just some good old fashioned games. Can’t remember any specific games or the rules that went along with them? Check out this list of 30 Classic Games for Simple Outdoor Play, and be ready for that feeling of nostalgia that is bound to come.

One of the best things about these old school games… they get you moving! Go outside after dinner or host a game day over the weekend. There is a game for everyone and most of them can be played with a few, or a lot of family and friends!

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