Summit V

Tapestry of Hope: Preventing and Treating Addiction

More than 300 attendees joined us for Johann Hari’s keynote address. Hari urged us to end the stigma associated with substance misuse and to embrace social connection as part of the solution.

  1. View Johann’s keynote address from the Healthy Monadnock summit.

2. View and share the video of Johann’s Ted Talk.

3. Learn more about Johann’s book, Chasing the Scream; the first and last days of the war on drugs, and purchase it locally at Toadstool bookshops.

4. Check back soon to view the IGNITE session from the Summit.

Please join the hundreds of Healthy Monadnock Champions who have committed to move from discussion to action! Consider the networks you are a part of in the community and engage them in a discussion of the ways that the local prevention, intervention, treatment and recovery support approaches for those at risk or suffering from substance use disorders could be addressed differently in the Monadnock Region.

Join Monadnock Alocohol and Drug Abuse Coalition, the Coalition for Tobacco Free Communities, Monadnock Voices for Prevention Coalition, the City of Keene Mayor’s Task Force, or any of the organizations below who are working to address the issue directly or indirectly in the community.

Task forces and coalitions

Retreat, recovery, and support centers