Healthy Monadnock hosts community summits to increase education and awareness of issues impacting our community health. The goal is to build community capacity to implement action strategies for change. The summits also offer an opportunity to update the community on the progress of Healthy Monadnock and share community successes.

Summit VI – November 7th, 2017

Featuring community builder and small town champion, Greg Tehven, discussing his work and Tedx Talk: Conventional Economic Development is Dead Wrong.

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Thought leader, storyteller, and advocate for the creative class, Greg Tehven, invites you to build the community you want to live in. He believes that if you think creatively and act boldly, you can overcome any obstacle. Greg is proud to be from Fargo, North Dakota. After traveling around the world and taking in other places and ways of life, he returned home ready to stop observing and start taking action to change what the world thinks when they hear Fargo. Greg had always known what a great city Fargo is, but he wanted everyone else to know too. That sense of pride inspired him to take on big projects that have made an impact both on residents of Fargo and outsiders who now look at Fargo with respect and admiration. Greg wants to instill in you the knowledge that you, too, can impact your community and its reputation.

As a leader in the startup community, Greg has been involved in many projects and events including TEDxFargo, 1 Million Cups, Startup Weekend, and Emerging Prairie. He often speaks about creative economic development, shining a spotlight on the best our cities have to offer, and innovative problem solving. His humorous and relaxed style assures the audience that they can make a difference and they can have fun doing it.


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