The Insurance Source: Little changes can make a big difference!

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CHALLENGE: A happier, healthier work family

Although Cheryl Belair, owner of The Insurance Source, was already providing health screenings, filtered water and healthy food alternatives for meetings, she wanted to do more: Cheryl wanted to create a culture of health within her company. So, she proposed to her employees that her business join the Organizational Champion program.

The goal was to create healthy living policies such as: enacting a tobacco-free workplace, creating a space for breastfeeding, scheduling regular office dance parties, as well as continuing its annual health screenings, healthy meetings and celebrations, and regular walking breaks together.

SOLUTION: Leadership Support for Healthy Choices

The initial screening brought to light employees’ health numbers, giving them motivation to improve those numbers.

The Insurance Source was able to identify ways to incorporate physical activity — as well as healthy eating — into the work day. By talking about healthy living consistently, employees found making healthy choices became second nature.

The Insurance Source’s culture of health has spilled over to the company’s clients; many have expressed how much they enjoy the fact that employees take a dance break and want to bring the idea back to their own offices.


Although Cheryl has not formally tracked results, she has noticed a significant boost in her employees’ morale. She’s also noticed that eating habits in the office have become healthier. The employees take pride in being called “The Dancing Insurance Company”. Cheryl believes that by incorporating health into the workday, they have created an atmosphere that is happier and more productive.

Sustaining Success

It is important to know your numbers so you can keep track of your health status. Additionally, it is important to create a culture of health in the workplace since many Americans spend a majority of their time at work. The Insurance Source was able to identify easy ways to incorporate healthy habits into the work day and those habits have now become second nature.

The Insurance Source has enjoyed bringing a new dimension — one of a culture of health — to the office. Employees not only work to support the insurance business, but feel they are making a difference in their health, and the health of others. Cheryl, and the employees at The Insurance Source, hope that other business owners are inspired by their story to create a culture of health in their own companies.

“In our business we help people, and it helps us, as a company, to become healthier. And if what we are doing inspires other offices and businesses to do something to help their employees become healthier, that’s great, too.”- Cheryl Belair, Owner, The Insurance Source