Tobacco Free Living

Tobacco Free Public and Recreation Areas

  • List of Tobacco Free Public Places in the Monadnock Region (coming soon!)
  • Contact the Coalition for Tobacco Free Communities for help making your favorite spaces tobacco free at (603) 354-5454 x2313

Smoke Free Housing for Landlords and Property Owners

This page shares information about the benefits and reasons for protecting your property and your tenants with smoke-free policies and leases. Be sure to download the Property Owner’s Guide.

Post your smoke-free listing

Learn about the savings, safety, legality, “how-to’s”, “FAQ’s”, enforcement, and services and support available.

Smoke Free Living for Tenants

  • Search Smoke Free Housing Directory
  • About Smoke Free Housing
  • Health / 2nd Hand Smoke
    • Children i.e. Ear Infections, Asthma
    • Adults/Elderly Populations i.e. COPD
    • Pets
    • Thirdhand Smoke
  • Tenant Rights
  • Working Together to Go Smoke Free