Tobacco Free Resources

Below you will find monthly tips and information to help you or someone you know kick the habit and live tobacco free. Make sure to check out the Cheshire Coalition for Tobacco-free Communities website for additional resources.

January’s Tobacco Free Resource – Staying Motivated

February’s Tobacco Free Resource – Feel Good About Quitting

March’s Tobacco Free Resource – What’s In Cigarette Smoke

April’s Tobacco Free Resource – Quit For The Environment

May’s Tobacco Free Resource – Top Tips To Help You Quit

June’s Tobacco Free Resource – How Does Tobacco Affect Your Health

July’s Tobacco Free Resource – Start Your Week With These Tips

August’s Tobacco Free Resource – Recovery After Quitting

September’s Tobacco Free Resource – How Quitting Changes Your Body

October’s Tobacco Free Resource – The Real Cost of Smoking

November’s Tobacco Free Resource – The Most Successful Way To Quit

December’s Tobacco Free Resource – The Four D’s to Curve a Craving