Where do you see hope in the face of addiction?

Categories: Building Resilience

We invite you to participate in our first PhotoVoice project to share our collective voices of hope. Your participation in this project will help us create a short film that will premiere at the 5th healthiest community summit to be held on May 17th, 2016. A Tapestry of Hope: Preventing and Treating Addiction.

The PhotoVoice project seeks to answer the question:

Where do you see hope in the face of addiction?[Tweet “PhotoVoice at the Healthy Monadnock Summit: Where do you see hope in the face of addiction?”]

Preview the examples in our video and submit your photo using the submission form on our website. Participants can choose to use their name or to remain anonymous.

How do I participate?

  1. Take a picture with your cell phone or digital camera that answers the question above. 
  2. Choose a quote, word, or short caption for your photo.
  3. Submit your photo, caption, and contact information (you will have the option of remaining anonymous) online.

Due date for photo submissions: March 31st, 2016.

Tips and Examples:

  1. Take several pictures to answer the question. Reflect on the photos and then write your caption.
  2. If your photo includes people, a photo release form must be submitted with your photo. (available on the submission page.)
  3. Always ask permission before taking someone’s photo.
    1. If your subjects are in a public place like a park and are unrecognizable, you do not need a photo consent form.
  4. Keep your images focused on a single subject.
  5. Try different angles of your subject for effect and lighting.