Worksite Wellness Program

Through the Healthy Monadnock Champions Worksite Wellness Program, local employers are recognizing how a healthier workforce supports a healthier economy. Let your Worksite Wellness Advisor assess your organization, and help you design a tailored health and wellness program that meets the unique needs of your business. Through this program you will recieve the following, all at no cost.

  • Technical Assistance:
    • Benefit from a personal WELCOA certified Worksite Wellness Advisor who will provide evidence-based solutions, trainings, access to local resources and assistance with policy development.
  • Recognition:
    • Show your worksite wellness achievements by earning Healthy Designation Badges. Recieve recognition in local print media ads, press releases, success stories, social media shout outs, and a personal page on the Healthy Monadnock website.
  • Customization:
    • Every organization is unique, your Wellness Advisor will provide custom support and guidance to match the interest, needs and involvement of your organization.
  • Mini Grant Funding:
    • Non-profits can start or boost a health and welllness initiative with up to a $500 mini grant to use towards an environmental change.
  • Healthy Designation Badges:
    • Your organization can earn Healthy Designation Badges through the Worksite Wellness Program. These badges are awarded based on an organization’s accomplishment in specific areas of workplace wellness. Badges can be displayed on Organizational Champion banners, marketing materials, around the office, used as a recruitment tool, or however you’d like – you’ve earned it! Ready to earn some badges? Contact a Worksite Wellness Advisor today.


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