Wellpowered Worksites

Join the growing number of local organizations who are creating a healthier work environment by enhancing their worksite wellness efforts- through the Wellpowered Worksites Program.

Wellpowered Worksites, a strategy of the Healthy Monadnock community initiative is offered as a community benefit through the Center for Population Health at Cheshire Medical Center. This comprehensive wellness program offers a holistic approach to wellness paired with useful tools, resources and a personal Wellness Advisor- all at no cost!

Wellpowered Worksites 2019 Guidebook

The four-step process is designed specifically to minimize time and maximize results. Working with your certified Wellness Advisor your organization will:


Every organization needs a starting point. Our Worksite Wellness Assessment is just that; a tool designed to highlight the areas where your organization is supporting employee wellbeing and which areas you may want assistance in.


Change is hard, but it is possible. We suggest organizations make small incremental changes so they are more apt to stick! With help from your advisor and a free wellness Tool Kit, your organization is provided the resources it needs to be successful.


Let your employees know how you are supporting them. Your advisor will work with you to develop a personalized Press Kit to help you spread the word far and wide.


Creating an environment where your employees can thrive is quite an accomplishment! The Wellpowered Worksites program recognizes your efforts by promoting your organization as a Designated Healthy Worksite.


Interested in joining the Wellpowered Worksites program? Contact a Wellness Advisor to learn more: worksitewellness@cheshire-med.com